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Clean Edge Veil

Clean Edge Veil

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No bridal look is complete without a veil!

This gorgeous handmade veil will be the finishing touch on your wedding day.

This high quality Drop Veil is handcrafted and has a beautiful clean edge.  It comes in 2 lengths and is a beautiful addition on your wedding day!

It could be worn in a single layer or folded to create a 2 tier look.

This drop veil does not come with a comb but held in place with a bobby pin.

Colour: Off-white


We know firsthand that a bride feels their best when they look their best. The importance of a simple piece, such as a veil, belt or headpiece can not go understated, and will spruce up your gorgeous wedding dress in a way that will make you feel beautiful! The moment you put on your final accessories will truly make you feel like you're ready to start the beginning of your love story.  


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