4 Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Hair Accessory

4 Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Hair Accessory

After you finally found a dress that makes you feel like the queen you are inside you probably felt a bit of relief, followed by lots of excitement (hopefully heightened with a little champagne and close friends). You may soon realize that you aren’t done in the outfit department. In fact, you've only just begun. There is a long road of details once you’ve landed that milestone of a dress and hair accessories are one of the essential items that fall into this category. There are a few things to consider while choosing the hair accessory that suits your wedding look.

1. Choose Your Colour Scheme

One of the most practical things to think about is the colour and gem type of the other jewellery you’ll be wearing that day, Coordinating your jewellery is key in achieving a planned look. Try not to pair silver metals with yellow or yellow gold with rose gold. Stick with a similar gemstone on each set of jewellery too, at least in colour! 

2. Decide On Your Perfect Hairstyle

It’s a good idea to think about the kind of hairstyle you’ll want to wear prior to the purchase of a hair accessory. Certain pieces will stay more securely in hair that is up, like combs and pins versus down, such as cascading vines and belts. It’s nice to be prepared so that you aren’t fussing with your hair all day as you hug every relative on the family tree, take pictures in the breeze or tear up the dance floor. 

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(The Autumn)

3. Embrace your Hair Type

(The Kaylee)

If you have lots of thick hair smaller, daintier hair accessories may get lost in that glorious mane of yours. Don’t be afraid to choose something slightly bolder to ensure it provides adequate accenting and gives you the glam your looking for. 

If you have finer hair you can look for a more delicate decoration that doesn’t risk overpowering a softer feature. If you have your heart set on something that’s big and eye-catching a little tip you can try is adding volume to your hair. Most of the bold pieces will look really good!

4. Be Yourself

(The Scarlett)

How a woman does her hair is an expression of who she is and on her wedding day, one’s hair should be an outlet of both creativity and authenticity. Choose something that you love and feels like you!

Ultimately, when you’re choosing a hair accessory for your wedding, be thoughtful, be you and don’t be afraid to go all out. This is your wedding after all!


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