6 Ways To Complete Your Bride Vibe With Hair Accessories!

6 Ways To Complete Your Bride Vibe With Hair Accessories!

It’s likely that you have spent a little time dreaming up the perfect bridal look by now and you have a good idea of what you want your ‘bride vibe’ to be. Below are a few ideas for how to use bridal belts and hair accessories to accent the look you want just right. 

Classic Bride:

The Autumn

For a classic bride, less is more. Pearls, pins and combs are flawless options for a bride who is looking to add a simple yet outstanding piece that will set her apart on her wedding day and also leave her with no regrets as she reminisces with photos years later. Combs can be worn off to the side or used to add form to a low set up-do for a stunning elegance.


There are plenty of ways to incorporate romantic traits into your bridal look using hair accessories. Intentionally set floral accessories are perfect for a tender, whimsical spirit, like The Nina

The Nina 

If you prefer something with a little more structure, incorporating accessories with yellow or rose gold metal rather than white gold or silver-coloured metals give you the vintage, timeless beauty that often captures the heart of a true romantic. ( Check out our links below)

Similarly to the classic bride a more common accessory placement for a romantic bride is along the nape of the neck or off to the side but you can absolutely incorporate accessories into large veils or blusher tulle veils for a bolder look that doubtlessly emphasizes a nostalgic heart. 

The Allison

The Addison


Faux-naturalle is a beachy brides best friend. A look that is wavy and perfectly winded is often the flow-goal, but achieving this gorgeous natural look still requires careful crafting and thoughtful accessories. A little bit of hair or bangs pinned to the side with a comb can help to hold the hair out of your face for pictures in the case of actual live wind. A loose half up style or a braid are also popular for these brides and can be decorated with simple pins, beautiful vines, headbands or even belts! (Did you know our belts can be used as hair accessories too?) 

Brides and Belts Pins


A modern bride is clean and sharp but far from boring or simple. A little drama adds to a modern look. It communicates the strength in femininity while maintaining a hypnotic sensuality that we as women can confidently resonate with today. Hair accessories that have sharp whites or colored gems are more fitting to this look than glittering diamonds. Wearing hair accessories closer to your face can give you a more striking look than wearing it off to the side or lower on the nape. 

The Lior


Don’t be afraid to really shine, you’re a diva and this is your day! Use as many diamonds as you want to bring out the glow that’s inside your heart. Some of the most famous beauties used glittering tiara’s to show off their glamorous side, like Audrey Hepburn, on a number of occasions!

Many brides are using sparkling belts and headbands to shine on their big day too. 

The Iris


Boho Chic:

Finding just the right headpiece can really bring this look together. Boho culture speaks to a sense of freedom and even a bit of rebellion against social norms, the delicately arranged bride who is captured by tradition and history is freed by a spirit who loves truth and inner peace. The beauty of this bride lies in her flaws. Each hair out of place communicates a revolutionary acceptance of herself outside of social expectation. Belts, vines, floral crowns, head chain are all pieces that can be used to boldly defy the traditional bride. 

(Flower Crown: The Bailey.
Hair vines can also help you achieve a look like this! Check out The Easton)

One last tip to consider is after your purchase is to play around with the accessory and photograph it from all angles to be sure you’re happy with the placement. 
There are many ways to use hair accessories that will give you a finished and well thought out look on your wedding day, but remember above all, the most important factor to consider is if you absolutely love it and feel like yourself

Have fun playing!

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