3 Different Ways to Get Creative With Your Bridal Belt!

3 Different Ways to Get Creative With Your Bridal Belt!

1. Wear it as a Belt

The flexibility of bridal belts are truly amazing. The intended purpose of these beautiful intricate pieces has always been to accent your waist and be the final touch on your perfect dress but many innovative women have fallen in love with our pieces and found other ways to indulge in their use, attaching belts to their dress as shoulder straps or into their hair as crowns.

The Charlie

2. Wear it as a Dress Strap


The Audrey

Bridal belts are designed using two main fixture styles. You will find belts with sashes that are fixed to the entire belt

The Ivanka 

or you can find appliques, pieces that have the option of attaching a sash to the ends of the crown. 

The Cassandra 

Although both of these styles can be used in a variety of ways, the appliques are especially versatile. If you are wanting to use it as a strap you can sew it directly onto your dress for ultimate security on your wedding day.

3. Wear it as a Hair Accessory

The Melanie 

(Sash attached to the ends of the applique.) 

The versatility of the appliques is strong again in the hair department, you can wear it as a crown or reverse crown with a few hidden pins (and the help of your stylist) or you can attach a sash if you would like to and achieve a romantic touch.

BONUS: Custom Length Bling


Custom Bling

Brides and Belts also has a custom belt option where you can choose the length of your belt, allowing you the flexibility to choose the best length for the purpose you may want to use it, whether it be a strap, belt or hair accessory! Many people who are looking for a belt that goes all the way around will choose this option.

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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